Digital Detox

Get your life back, and raise funds for Scope at the same time.

Ever sent an ill-advised drunken text, cc'd your boss on a personal email or uploaded a photo that was definitely not meant for Facebook?

Our increasingly online lifestyles cause loads of awkward moments. And many of us are guilty of spending way too much time on our mobiles.

So here’s a fun challenge for you.

Whatever your addiction - Facebook, gaming, social media - could you quit cold turkey and go 48 hours without digital? That’s no phone, no Facebook, no emails… you get it. Imagine how much free time you’d have. You could:

Join our Digital Detox, 26 to 27 July, to raise funds for our vital work with disabled people and their families. You’ll challenge yourself to a whole weekend of analogue activities, and your friends can sponsor you to unplug and be in the moment.

Are you up to it?

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