Keeping your fundraising safe and legal

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Rules and laws to keep your charity fundraising event safe and legal.


There are strict rules around the running of raffles.

You can run a raffle at an event without a licence or registration if:
  • tickets are only sold at the event
  • you don't spend more than £500 on prizes (donated prizes don't count towards this limit)
  • you don't claim more than £100 as expenses (like buying the raffle tickets)
  • If you want to run a raffle which is not allowed under these rules, for example if you want to sell tickets before the event, please contact us for help.
Gambling Commission guidance on raffles at events

Alcohol and entertainment

If you want to sell alcohol or have live music or other entertainment at your event, you may need a licence, so talk to your local authority first.

It’s easier to use a venue that already has the appropriate licences.


Food at fundraising events must comply with food laws and be safe to eat.

You don't need to register or have a food hygiene certificate to make and sell food for charity events, but you do need to handle food safely.

Food Standards Agency advice on food at charity events 


You are personally responsible for ensuring that any event you stage is covered by the appropriate insurance.

Check with your venue whether insurance costs extra.

Scope will not accept liability under any circumstances and you will not be able to rely on any insurance policy held by Scope.

Collecting cash in public

There are strict rules around collecting cash in public:
  • For private sites like pubs, shopping centres and supermarkets you will need the permission of the manager.
  • For public spaces like town centres and streets you will need a licence from your local authority. After the collection you must tell your local authority how much you raised.
  • While collecting you must remain stationary and not cause inconvenience to members of the public.
  • You are not allowed to collect cash door to door.
  • If you want to collect cash in public, contact us and we can send you a collection pot, seal and letter of authority.
Contact us for any questions about keeping your event safe and legal.


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