Keeping your fundraising safe and legal

Female fundraiser with collection tin

Here are the best ways to keep yourself and others safe during your fundraising. If you have any questions about anything to do with the below, then please contact the team on 020 7619 7270.

On your fundraising literature 

Please ensure that on all forms and literature you state that you are fundraising ‘in aid’ of Scope and not ‘on behalf of’ and remember to include our registered charity number 208231.


There are strict rules around the running of raffles. If you are planning on selling your raffle tickets over a long period of time then you need to obtain a licence from your local authority. Please contact us for more details on this. 
However, if you are selling and drawing tickets on the same day then the rules are relaxed. You can run one of these raffles without a licence where:
  • Tickets are only sold at the event
  • You do not spend more than £500 on prizes
  • There are no cash prizes
  • The winners are drawn at the event

Alcohol and Public Entertainment 

If you are selling alcohol at your event then you may need a licence and should liaise with your local authority. It’s easier to simply use venues for your event that already have the appropriate licences.  


Check out the NHS food safety website to ensure that you are aware of food safety laws before preparing for your event. 

Minimising risk

You are personally responsible for ensuring that any event you are staging is covered by the appropriate insurance. Scope will not accept liability under any circumstances and you will not be able to rely on any insurance policy held by Scope. Please check with your venue whether they include any extra costs. 

Collecting cash donations in public

  • For all cash collections in public, we can send you a collection pot, seal and a letter of authority. Simply contact us on 020 7619 7270 and we can provide you with this (only 2 pots per fundraiser due to cost to the charity).
  • For private sites like pubs, shopping centres and supermarkets you will need the permission of the manager.
  • For public areas such as town centres and streets you will need a licence from your local authority. After the collection you will be required to inform your local authority of how much you raised in your collection. 
  • When conducting your collection you must remain stationary and not cause any inconvenience to members of the public. 
  • You are not permitted to collect cash door to door

Contact the events team on:

020 7619 7270

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm