Meet Hannah

I'm running the London Marathon 2017 for Scope and I can't wait!

I've found that trying lots of different ways to fundraise has been really successful and having a plan has made such a difference.

Here's what I've done already or what I've got planned to raise my £2000.
  • Raffle: I have emailed a number of companies and got a few prize donations. I've been asking friends to take the raffle book into work too and sell them there as it's a captive audience! This has been really handy as I am able to reach out to more people and groups. They are more willing to contribute as they have a chance to win prizes. 
  • Quiz night: I am holding a quiz night at a local pub and invited friends and colleagues, this is a fun and easy way to raise a bit of money.
  • Film night: I am holding a film night in one of the schools I work in charging £1 a ticket and have contacted local bakeries to donate cakes, I have also agreed to collect Hummingbird's end of day cakes which are amazing and people will definitely donate to get their hands on these. All I did was contact my local store and they will just ask you to collect them as they're closing the day before their sale.
  • Tube collections: I am spending a day dressed up collecting money at a tube station with my fancy dress partner.
  • Sponsor forms: I have put sponsor forms up in my schools for people to donate.
  • Poster and collection box: I have left a collection box and poster in the reception area of all my schools for spare change.
Hannah wearing a Scope running vest holding a Scope balloon and collection tin infront of a Scope banner