Meet Josh

I'm Josh. I'm 28, from Kent and I'm running the London Marathon for Scope this year!

The reason I’m running the 2017 London Marathon for Scope is because I have seen first hand what Scope can do for disabled people. 

My parents have fostered (and recently actually adopted) four children, whom all are disabled. The support and services that Scope provide is second to none. The fact that I can help them continue to do what they’re doing is the primary reason why I’m running the London Marathon. 

Anybody who is looking for support, help or guidance, look no further than Scope. They provide every service you could ever need, and provide assistance in all areas, such as education, residential care, short breaks and day centres. Their services are absolutely fantastic. 

My training for the marathon is going well. I have run nearly 350 miles since November! I completed the North London half marathon on Sunday 12 March, in which I achieved a new personal best! Unfortunately, I’ve had a few problems along the way, from aching muscles to weak ankles and most recently, painful knees. But if I’m honest, I don’t know if there is anyone who hasn’t suffered with these problems while training for the marathon! 

My fundraising for the marathon has been going fantastically well. Obviously, there are a number of ways to fundraise, such as cake stalls, raffles or quiz nights. But what has worked well for me is going to the London Underground. I spent two days at North Greenwich station, just before the ticket barriers being vocal raising awareness of Scope and their fantastic work. Fortunately, I was very lucky on both days and the public were very generous in their donations. They helped me smash my target!

I would highly recommend anyone that needs to do some fundraising for Scope to head to the underground. 
Josh wearing a Scope vest and his medal from the Bath Half Marathon 2017