Cycling 100 miles - training plans and tips

Group of endurance cyclists competing

Cycling 100 miles - training plans and tips

Our top personal trainer Rhian Martin has provided you with a basic training plan to get you to event day in great shape.
Before it starts you need to be able to cycle the distances in week one comfortably so get out there, do some running or play some sport - generally get fit so you are ready to roll!

Endurance cycling tips

  1. Get your bike checked
    Take to your local cycling shop and get it checked out. They will be able to advise on whether you need to replace brake pads, cables & tyres. Worth doing this at the start of your training season and before your big race.
  2. Use a coach or mentor
    An experienced coach will help ensure that you maximise your training time by structuring key sessions and eliminating what is not adding value. They can provide analysis, support and advice across all the disciplines, which will enhance your overall performance. This could be particularly useful if you have minimal time to train.
  3. Group riding
    Learn how to ride in a pack and the etiquette of group riding. Learn to be aware of others and how to ride safely with them.
  4. Spin classes or turbo trainer sessions
    If you can’t get out on the bike as the weather is too bad or there's not enough time then indoor cycling is a great way to add sessions to your training plan. You can ask a coach to structure sessions for you or go along to group classes.
  5. Find a local club
    They tend to have long rides at a weekend for different abilities. It will help with teaching you group riding, make the long rides go quicker and make it more fun. There are more tips to come as part of the email communications we send you every month. You can also get more bespoke training support with Rhian Martin Fitness.

Training plan

We have a beginners 12 week guide to get you to that big race. 

Endurance trainer: Matt Wroe

Head and shoulders of endurance trainer Matt Wroe
Matt is a successful Ironman who has supported Scope by completing some of the toughest challenges going. Matt has taken on Mount Kilimanjaro and cycled the 859 miles from Alton Towers to Paris and back.
Matt is our endurance hero and the go-to-guy for all your endurance questions.
Follow @mattwroe on Twitter.