Running marathons - training plans and tips

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Our fitness expert Rhian Martin has put together a beginners training plan to help get you to the start line. Check out her top tips below.

Injury prevention tips

  1. Warm up and warm down
    Before starting a hard session make sure the muscles are warmed up by including an easy build in to the session. Afterwards, ease the pace to help the body recover.
  2. Stretch
    After warm up include some dynamic stretches to further warm up the muscles. After the session try some static stretches to help the muscles return to their pre session length.
  3. Build up slowly
    As keen as you may be on day 1, keep to your program and build up slowly. Over doing training too early or too intensely may cause injuries.
  4. Sports massage
    Treat yourself occasionally to a professional sports massage to ease any aches or niggles you have.
  5. Strength and conditioning programme
    Alongside your key training sessions, try and fit in a strength and conditioning session to help strengthen muscles and core. This will prevent injury and optimise performance.

Training plan

Our top personal trainer Rhian Martin has provided you with a basic training plan (Download training plan as a PDF) to get you to marathon day in great shape. 

Before it starts you need to be able to run the distances in week one comfortably so get out there, do some running or play some sport - generally get fit so you are ready to roll.

Your trainer: Rhian Martin

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Rhian Martin is an experienced Great Britain elite triathlete, a qualified personal trainer and Iron(wo)man. She carried the Torch at the 2012 London Paralympics.