50% discount on Bespoke Training Packages

With training expert Rhian Martin

Struggling for motivation? Need training tips & advice to help you achieve your 2014 goal? Worried you are not doing enough training or maximising the time you have got? Are you training with injury concerns? 
Then help is at hand as our Training expert Rhian Martin is offering the first 10 people to sign up to benefit from the opportunity to try her bespoke training packages for 50% off the current price, for the first 4 weeks.

Why you may need coaching

When tackling an endurance event a coach and mentor can add significant value to your training. Her plans are bespoke to you and take in to your account strengths & weaknesses, time available to train, facilities, sporting background, current fitness levels, your event and your individual goals. You will get tailored sessions sport plus strength & conditioning. Rhian will also advise on nutrition, technical aspects, race kit and any other related questions.

What can Rhian provide to you?

Rhian is an ex-Great Britain Elite Triathlete and has represented Wales at triathlon, duathlon, swimming and cross country. She has been a professional athlete, Director of Leveraged Finance, founded a charitable trust and carried the Paralympic Torch. She has helped people achieve their sporting goals from 5k run to Ironman triathlon, from beginner to advanced. 

Contact the events team

For help or to ask a question, email events@scope.org.uk or call 020 7619 7270.