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Everest Base Camp

Take on the ultimate trekking challenge and experience the awe of the world's highest mountain.

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Trekkers sitting on the side of the mountain on their way to Everest base camp
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Snowdon Moonlight Walk - link to Snowdon Moonlight Walk sign up page

Climb the highest mountain in Wales by night and watch the sun rise as you descend over this stunning landscape.

Three Peaks Challenge - links to Three Peaks Challenge sign up
Over the course of two days, you will trek around 26 miles and ascend to a total height of almost 3,000m.
Trek Peru - links of to Peru Trek sign up page

Take part in the Machu Picchu trek in Peru. An experience of a lifetime.

Ben Nevis - links to Ben Nevis sign up

Standing at 1344m high, take on the highest mountain in Britain - Ben Nevis. 

Survive the Wild - Links to Survive the Wild Challenge

Become Bear Grylls for the day and pitch yourself against a serie of survival challenges.

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