Be a Great Donate Hero this August Bank Holiday

You've got the stuff we need

Donate your unwanted items to a Scope shop this August Bank Holiday.
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Two Great Donate Heroes saying 'This bank holiday... have a super sort out'.
Find a shop near you

We need you!

We want to collect 100,000 bags of unwanted items that you may have in your homes over the next three weeks including the August Bank Holiday.

Join our newest member Super Sort Sam and Clobber your Clutter.

Each bag is worth around £20, so your donations will make a big difference.

We always need your stuff and take almost anything. When your goods are sold in one of our shops they help raise money to support our work with disabled people and their families.

Don't worry if you can't get to our shops, there's loads of ways you can donate.

Clear out Chris

Comic illustration Clear out Chris donating a bag to a Scope charity shop
He hates the thought of just throwing clothes away. He donates them to Scope as he knows they’ll go to a good home. And he loves a good clear out!

Feel good Fiona

Comic illustration Feel good Fiona donating a bag to a Scope charity shop
She gets the kids involved in a clear out during the school holidays, she feels good knowing they’re doing their bit to make a difference.

Sorted it Sophia

Comic illustration Sorted it Sophia donating a bag to a Scope charity shop
She loves buying clothes and gets rid of anything that’s “so last season”. By donating her clothes she’s supporting Scope, without having to break a sweat!