We love the stuff you don't

A bag of donations could raise £20!

We all have things we don’t need any more, especially clothes we’ve fallen out of love with, no longer fit or never even worn!

When you donate them to Scope, we can sell them in our shops. That means you’ll be raising vital funds to support our work. Plus you can feel even better knowing that you’ve helped reduce landfill at the same time!

Here are the ways you can donate:

Link through to shop directory

Your local shop

We have over 230 shops, so find your nearest one and pop in.

link to places to donate directory

Donation banks

We have over 450 donation banks, so find your nearest one and donate.
Link through to home collection enquiry form

Home collections

20 or more bags? Our van drivers can pick up your donations!
link to Great donate event page

Donation drives

Hold a local donation drive and we can provide you with everything you need.
Link through to page about why to donate surplus stock to Scope charity shops

Surplus stock

Donating end-of-lines or surplus stock to us feels good and is easy.
Link to the Gone for Good website which allows you to download the free app via the App Store or Google Play

Gone for good

Donate with the Gone for Good app. Photograph your stuff and we will be in touch!
There are few things we can’t take due to current laws, ethical reasons or the size of our shop. Contact your local shop for more information.

And remember, by agreeing to Gift Aid your donations we get an extra 25% of the value when we sell them.