Our partnership with Giveacar

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Give a car and make a difference

Scope is working with Giveacar, who will tow away your unwanted car and donate the profits from its sale to Scope, and it won’t cost you anything!

How Giveacar works

  1. Contact Giveacar via www.giveacar.co.uk to let them know you would like to donate your car. Don’t forget to select Scope as your charity of choice.
  2. A tow truck will arrive within one to three days to pick up your vehicle.
  3. The vehicle is then disposed of in an environmentally friendly way either through recycling scrap or auction.
  4. Giveacar will donate the proceeds, after administration costs and VAT, to Scope.

It’s that simple.

Giveacar can pick up any vehicle anywhere in the UK.