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Do you have what it takes? 

This challenge is a fantastic and innovative way to involve your organisation and colleagues in fundraising and volunteering for Scope. You can even use it as a unique activity for your learning and development programmes.
Teams of four or five people are challenged to raise as much money as they can over a set period of weeks and to generate stock before spending a day in a Scope shop. The money raised, together with the value of stock donated, will be added to the shop’s takings for the day - and the team with the highest total wins. 

How it works

Teams will go head to head and put their entrepreneurial, marketing, sales and leadership skills to the test by taking over a Scope shop for the day. While you're there, you'll be competing against each other to see who can gain the greatest increase in sales, foot-fall and local awareness. 
We have over 240 shops across England and Wales including a number of London locations that are suitable for the challenge. 
Shop staff and volunteers will support teams as far as possible but the challenge on the day is the teams.

Generating stock

Generating stock is part of any successful Scope Shop Challenge and teams are encouraged to collect items from friends, family and colleagues.
Engaging suppliers or clients to donate stock can also be a great help. Unsold stock may be left with the shop at the end of the day so that your donations can continue to have a positive impact even after you’ve finished the challenge. 

Why take part?

Taking part in the Challenge will raise awareness of the work we do to support disabled people and their families.
The Challenge can benefit your organisation and employees by adding value to your corporate responsibility and learning and development strategies.

Corporate responsibility

  • A fun and popular way to engage staff.
  • Be a socially responsible organisation and achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.
  • Improve the positive impact you have in your local community.
  • Make a tangible and sustainable difference to a worthwhile cause.
  • Enhance positive media coverage of your business.
  • Your teams can share their skills with our employees and volunteers.

Learning and development

  • Learn and develop new and existing skills.
  • Build employee confidence.
  • Retain a talented and diverse workforce .
  • Enhance your employees’ job satisfaction and effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Mix and match staff from different departments to give them a wider knowledge of the company and a deeper sense of belonging to the organisation.
  • Opportunities to see staff in a new light – maybe they have skills you weren’t aware of?


The Challenge created a huge buzz for the team and has been the topic of conversation ever since. All the people involved have felt a real pride in working with Scope.
Regional Director, London and East Anglia RSA

Get involved

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