Step it up for Scope this September!

A map showing the peaks participants will virtually climb during September

If you want increased employee productivity, work motivation and fewer sick days then Steptember is your answer! 

This global challenge event is a fantastic way to improve your employees’ health and fitness, reduce stress levels and make the tangible difference to their wellbeing that every company strives for. 

The Steptember Challenge in a snapshot 

During September, teams of up to four participants from companies around the world are challenged to climb a virtual mountain by each walking 10,000 steps per day.

  • Your employees will not only be able to compete against different teams in your company but also compete against other companies across world
  • They will have access to an online site, where they can track their progress and receive health tips throughout the month
  • It’s not just about walking towards better health, there are more than 40 activities that can be converted into steps including swimming, cycling and tennis.

The Steptember Success

Steptember 2014 ran in Australia, America, Canada, The Netherlands, Turkey, England and Wales.

35,940 people took part including teams from over 300 companies such as BP, Lloyd’s, Ernst & Young, Safestore and RSA Insurance.

Last year:

  • 22% lost weight
  • 20% were able to handle stress better
  • 25% experienced improved sleep patterns
  • 73% said they would like to participate again

Three reasons why your company should take part 

  1. It’s fun and competitive: A fantastic challenge that can engage your employees across different teams and locations
  2. It’s simple and easy to do: Registration is £10 per person (which  includes a pedometer, fundraising pack and access to the online site).
  3. Making a real change: An opportunity to make a lasting change in the lives of disabled people and their families. 

Get involved

Contact the Fundraising team about Steptember 2015 through a form

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