Our fundraising methods

Do you conduct telephone fundraising?
Do you have fundraisers knocking on doors?
Do you have fundraisers working on private sites?
Do you have fundraisers working in my area?

"Do you conduct telephone fundraising?" 

Yes we do. We use telephone fundraising to keep in touch with existing supporters and update them on our current work. We also phone new donors to welcome and thank them for their support. 

"Do you have have fundraisers knocking on doors?"

Yes we do. Our fundraisers knock on peoples' doors to talk about our work and ask individuals to support us with a Direct Debit. 

This form of fundraising is really effective and very safe as the majority of details are stored on a secure electronic tablet. 

Scope’s vision is to make our country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. It’s something we will achieve by talking to as many people as we can. Face to face fundraising is a really positive way of changing attitudes.

The local authority is notified in advance of the locations we work in. Scope is also registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

"Do you have fundraisers working on private sites?"

Yes we do. You may see Scope fundraisers at privately-owned sites such as shopping centres or train stations. Fundraisers ask members of the public to offer their support with a regular gift by Direct Debit.

For more information on our fundraisers, and to find out if they are in your area, please check 'Our fundraisers' page.