End the Awkward: at work

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End the Awkward: at work

We all come across awkward situations at work. Office parties, team-building exercises – we’ve all been there.

What not to do


Everyone appreciates a friendly welcome in the office but there’s no need to be overly-nice. Don’t make a fuss and just treat disabled people as you would anyone else.

Speak to the wrong person

Make sure you’re speaking to the disabled person, rather than their support worker or interpreter.

Questions, questions, questions

Disabled people sometimes get bombarded with questions about their condition. Get to know them for who they are instead. You wouldn’t dive straight into personal questions with anyone else at work, right?

Work drinks

We all have our favourite post-work pub, but make sure it’s a space disabled colleagues can access. A lot of pubs and bars don’t have ramps or lifts.

Communication problems

Having trouble understanding someone’s speech? It’s okay to ask them to repeat themselves as many times as you need. You can also use other ways to communicate, like pen and paper. Don’t finish their sentences or pretend to understand.

Forget about access

Videos need captions for deaf and hard of hearing people. Lay out a meeting room so that a wheelchair user can move around easily. Make sure everything isn’t on hard to reach top shelves.  

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