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Aims and responsibilities

The Gaming Co-Production Group will be fundamental in shaping Scope's Gaming for Good offering. Group members will be asked to draw upon their own experiences to:

  • Identify opportunities for public fundraising within gaming and livestreaming.
  • Identify key accessibility considerations and features for potential fundraising events or activities.
  • Share expertise and their own personal experience around audience motivations and behaviours.
  • Share expertise and their own personal experience around accessibility, representation, and socialising through gaming.

The chair of the Group will provide guidance and support on how to go about these activities.

Specific tasks will include:

  • Reading information in advance of meetings in order to stay updated and make comments in meetings
  • Reviewing and commenting on materials and resources
  • Providing suggestions and feedback on features, concept, messaging and creative
  • Examining marketing strategies and content to target disabled audiences and making recommendations

Scope's commitment

Scope will facilitate the Group to deliver a joint approach to the accessibility of the product development process.

We will:

  • Provide clear written agenda and guidance before meetings
  • Offer ongoing telephone and email support if necessary
  • Offer to financially reward members for their contributions
  • Ensure that all processes and meetings are accessible for every participant
  • Send monthly email updates to all members
  • Adhere to our 4 principles of co-production

Member commitment

We expect that members will:

  • Make reasonable efforts to attend all meetings
  • Prepare themselves for each meeting by reading through materials that we provide in advance
  • Actively contribute to group discussions and workshop activities
  • Be inclusive in how they discuss and talk through ideas and make contributions
  • In the unlikely event of a serious disagreement, respect that sign-off decisions are the responsibility of Scope staff
  • Treat all documents and personal experiences shared as confidential (unless clearly indicated otherwise)
  • Sign an agreement where all parties agree to not disclose commercially sensitive information
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