UK Disability History Month 2016

Celebrating the lives of disabled people throughout history

UK Disability History Month provides a platform to learn about the lives of disabled people and their struggle for equality. The theme for 2016 is language. Throughout the month you can read about the lives and achievements of great historical figures who were themselves disabled. You will also learn about the personal experiences of disabled people today and how their lives have changed over recent decades.
More about Disability History Month - links to Disability History Month introductory blog
Did you know that America's longest standing president was disabled?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - links to blog about Franklin Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was America's longest serving President. He was also disabled because of Polio and used a wheelchair.
Alfred Nobel - links to blog about Alfred Nobel
Alfred Nobel was a scientist, businessman and inventor. His legacy is the Nobel Prize. As a child he experienced epileptic seizures which he wrote about in later life.
Frieda Kahlo - links to blog about Frieda Kahlo
Sam Pugh writes of her admiration for the Mexican artist Frieda Kahlo. Through self-portraits Kahlo explored the effects of her own disability on her body.