Azar's Story

I know what I want to be

I have cerebral palsy, but you can’t really see it at first. That’s because I’ve been covering it so well – my whole life I’ve been covering up. The more time you spend with me, the more you figure it out. Because of my disability, people are like ‘he can’t do this’, ‘he can’t do that’, and it hurts in a way, but sometimes you‘ve got to just take it on the chin.

I knew I wanted to work in business, so after I left college I was looking for a job. I just wanted experience to put on my CV, even just working in a supermarket. I remember a lot of times in my interviews I didn’t want to say that I had a disability, but they would pick up on it because of the way I speak, the way I walk.

Because of Scope’s pre-employment course, and the professional mentor I worked with, I’m more confident of just being me without people judging me. You can’t be worried about what other people think.

If anything you’ve got an advantage, because you can say: ‘I’m at the same place as these people, but I‘ve also got a disability’. It just shows you have an extra strong character. Now I describe my disability as a strength than as a weakness.

My dream job is to become a foreign exchange trader. I want to trade in the financial markets. I took an online training course – they gave me a scholarship and now I can go on the course for free.

I‘ve just started a business management course at university. I got an access with help from Scope. I’m also working a part time job, and I’m starting a business with my uncle. I know what I want to be, and I know I can get my dream job.

Enabling work report

Being in work is about more than just a wage. It is about being independent, interacting with your peers, and being able to achieve your goals and aspirations.