Work With Me

We’re campaigning with Virgin Media to support more disabled people to get into and stay in work

Video describing Scope and Virgin Media launch new campaign called Work With Me
Work With Me video transcript

Work With Me

A million disabled people can and want to work but are being overlooked, it’s time to change this.

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“You’re not what we’re looking for. Someone else was a better fit.” 

Right now there are over one million disabled people who can and want to work but they hear statements like this at every attempt to find a job. 

More than a third of disabled people don’t think they will be hired because of their impairment or condition. And two in five disabled people don’t feel confident about their chances of getting a job in the next six months. 

Teaming up with Virgin Media, we are shining a spotlight on the barriers disabled people face getting into and progressing in work.

Together, we’re calling on employers, Government and the public to tackle these issues.

Join us and say Work With Me.
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Josh talks about his experience of getting in to work.

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