Work with me

Support, tips and information about getting in to work

Staying in work

Are you a disabled person in work? Find out about: 

  • Reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • Access to work scheme: provides support for travel costs, special equipment or adaptations 
  • What to do if you think you’ve experienced discrimination at work.

Looking for work

Are you disabled and looking for work? Find out about:

  • Your legal rights as a disabled jobseeker  
  • Support available to help you move in to work 
  • Disability-friendly employers.



Support to Work

A new service that provides online support to disabled people to help with applying for a job, either via telephone, Skype or other types of digital media.

Employing disabled people

Are you an employer looking for support and advice? Contact for support with:

  • Making reasonable adjustments for disabled employees
  • Supporting employees who acquire an impairment or condition 
  • Your legal responsibilities towards disabled employees.

Confidence around disability

Want to feel more confident about disability. Find out about:

  • How you can help disabled people feel included at work
  • Things not to do when meeting a disabled person
  • Things not to say when meeting a disabled person.



Make an impact

You can help us make an impact and change the workplace for disabled people. Share this campaign on Twitter or Facebook using the #WorkWithMe.