Extra Costs Commission

About the Commission

The Extra Costs Commission was a year-long independent inquiry which explored the extra costs faced by disabled people and their families in England and Wales.

The Commission had two key aims:

  • Promote better understanding of the key social and market-based drivers of extra costs
  • Develop recommendations for business, government, the voluntary sector and disabled people on how to drive down these extra costs.

To drive down the extra costs of disability. The Commission identified recommendations for: 

  • disabled people and their families 
  • disability organisations 
  • businesses
  • regulators and 
  • government.

What the Commission found

The Commission published a report in June 2015. This report outlined ways to reduce the extra costs faced by disabled people.

It published a later report in October 2016, which looked at the impact since the end of the project.

Key findings included:

  • Disabled people and their families are starting to demand more as consumers. Together, disabled people have spending power of £212 billion a year.
  • Businesses like Marks and Spencer and Uber have developed new products targeted at disabled people.
  • Disability organisations have been supporting disabled people and businesses to address the problem of extra costs.

We are continuing to campaign for action to reduce the extra costs faced by disabled people.

Extra Costs Commission reports