Extra Costs Commission

Independent inquiry into extra costs for disabled people 

The Extra Costs Commission was an independent inquiry which explored the extra costs faced by disabled people and their families. It ran from July 2014 to June 2015.

The Commission identified recommendations for disabled people and their families, disability organisations, businesses, regulators and government to drive down the additional costs of disability.

Progress review

The Commission has published a new report looking at what impact there has been since the end of the project.

Key findings include:

  • Disabled people and their families are starting to demand more as consumers. Together, disabled people have spending power of £212 billion a year.

  • Businesses like Marks and Spencer and Uber have developed new products targeted at disabled people.

  • Disability organisations have been supporting disabled people and businesses to address the problem of extra costs.  

The Commission call upon Scope and others to build upon these successes to continue to reduce additional costs for disabled people.  

Read the Commission's new report on progress to drive down extra costs

Next steps

Over the year ahead, Scope will take forward the work of this inquiry, with a focus on driving down the cost of energy and insurance. 

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