Robin Hindle Fisher, Chair of the Extra Costs Commission

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Robin has worked in the financial services sector for over 30 years, including in senior positions at Phillips & Drew Fund Management and Henderson. He is currently a Non-executive Director of Ruffer LLP and a business coach at Hay Hill Partners where he works with senior executives across a wide variety of industry sectors, including transport, financial services and the public sector.  

Robin was born with physical disabilities caused by the drug Thalidomide and has been involved in supporting families with disabled children since 1999, first as a trustee of the Lady Hoare Trust and Contact a Family and currently as Vice Chair of the Family Fund - a national organisation that distributes grants to families with disabled children.


Note from Robin

The Extra Costs Commission focussed on finding market-based initiatives that can alleviate the impact that extra costs have on the lives of disabled people.

Maintaining the value of benefits is absolutely critical, but the Commission believes better functioning markets and increased competition can also play a part in improving services and driving down costs.

Disabled people and their families have considerable spending power, the so-called ‘purple pound’ – but in order to capitalise on this, they need to come together as a collective consumer group. Only then will businesses start to recognise fully the huge opportunity to provide goods and services to this substantial customer base.