Insurance for disabled people

Improving access to insurance for disabled people

Insurance for disabled people

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Female wheelchair user sitting in her living room

Insurance is vital in providing us with financial protection when unexpected events occur.

However, many disabled people struggle to access affordable insurance. Our new research shows that:

  • Twenty-six per cent of disabled adults feel they have been charged more for insurance or denied cover altogether because of their impairment or condition.
  • Disabled people cite travel insurance as the type of insurance which they find most difficult to access.
  • In the last twelve months, 35 per cent of disabled adults have worried about paying their insurance premiums.

To improve access to insurance for disabled people, we want:

  • Insurers to review the information used to price insurance products for disabled people and support individuals to whom they are unable to provide affordable cover.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority to investigate whether disabled people have access to insurance that fairly reflects risk.
  • The government to address the challenges faced by disabled people in accessing affordable insurance products if it deemed that these are being priced fairly.