Out in the cold

Creating a fairer energy market for disabled people

Energy costs for disabled people

Tackling the extra costs disabled people face for energy 
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Out in the cold looks at the challenges disabled people face in the energy market.

Our report finds that many disabled people are forced to pay more for their energy. Over a third of disabled adults say that their impairment or condition has a significant impact on their energy costs.

This is just one area where disabled people experience a financial penalty.

Key findings from our report:

  • 4.1 million households with a disabled person spend over £1,500 a year on energy. Of these, 790,000 households spend over £2,500 a year on energy. 
  • Over half (55 per cent) of disabled adults have worried about paying their energy bills.
  • More than 900,000 households with a disabled person in England are living in fuel poverty. 

We’re calling on the Government, energy suppliers and the market regulator, Ofgem, to tackle the extra costs disabled people face for energy.

We want to see action to ensure disabled people are able to get the best deal on their energy and access the right support with their energy bills. We also want to see improvements to data sharing to help reduce energy costs for disabled people.

Lynley is just one of many disabled people faced with high fuel bills. Read her story to find out more about her energy costs

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