General Election 2017

Our priorities for the next government

We want the next government to deliver everyday equality with disabled people. It must put the interests of disabled people at the heart of its agenda and deliver meaningful change over the next five years to tackle the barriers that prevent disabled people from participating fully in society.

We want to see a cross government approach to disability which achieves everyday equality. Here we set out what this should look like:

  • Improving disabled people’s work opportunities.
  • Ensuring disabled people have the support to live independently.
  • Improving disabled people’s financial security.
links to improving employment opportunities for disabled people.

Improving work opportunities 

Disabled people are almost twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people.

More on improving social care

Support to live independently

Over half of disabled social care users say that the social care they receive does not enable them to live independently.

More on improving financial security

Improving financial security

Households with a disabled person spend over £3,000 on energy costs, more than double what the average UK household spends. 

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