Rob's training increases

Follows Rob as he increases his training and focuses on Christmas fundraising.

A bike at the side of a country road

With the clocks going back and (at times) the cold and rain it can be difficult to keep the motivation to get out and have a ride, especially if you’re trying to do it after a long day at work!

For me it’s all about finding something fun to motivate at this time. At the moment I’m not really concerned with how many miles I do on each ride: what is important is just getting out there and doing it regularly, for whatever time you can manage. This will all pay dividends later on in the year!

This month I’ve been getting used to strapping the lights back on my bike and getting out for just a few miles even a couple of times during the week and then a longer ride at the weekend. I’ve done a mix of routes both on road and off road and seen all sorts of things along the way, including the biggest pumpkin I have ever come across! In terms of miles on the bike I’ve managed to get a couple of 40 mile rides in and a fair few slightly shorter ones.

I also popped in to say hello to the folks in one of my local Scope charity shops.

I spent some time having a chat with Jonathan and Nikki about how things were going. It was great to see a constant stream of people coming in and out of the shop and such a variety of things in there, all looking very pristine and full. I saw a poster in the shop which simply stated: “A child’s BMX bike costs around £119, an adapted bike for a disabled child costs £475.” I really like the idea of knowing what the minimum pledge of £500 to enter the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 could go towards and it spurs me on even more.

In terms of fundraising

I have to say I have been very humbled with the amount of support in my local area from businesses both big and small who have donated prizes for a Christmas raffle I am running. This is a great way to start the ball rolling and spread the word of what I’m doing too. I have had some great conversations back and forth with people and am bowled over by the generosity shown – let’s not forget that in all probability they will be receiving countless requests day in day out calling for similar support for any number of very worthwhile charities. The fact that they are continuing to give just shows that people can come together to make a difference, and this is what Scope is all about - society.

Keep pedalling!

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