Superhero Triathlon 2018

It’s big. It’s bold. It’s gusty. It’s the only disability sports series for the Everyday Superhero!

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Date Saturday 18 August 2018
Location Dorney Lake, Berkshire
Distance 400m Swim, 10k cycle, 2.5km push/run

Fly solo or team up with family and friends in this fully accessible Triathlon 

Team Scope are calling all superheroes to run, walk, push, pedal, hand cycle, swim or tow in the Superhero Tri and help make change happen for disabled people and their families.

You could take on all three disciplines and fly solo. Or team up with your friends and family to take on a stage each of the Superhero Tri challenge. Anyone can enter, as long as there's at least one disabled person per team and you can also bring your superhero 'Sidekick' to push, guide or simply accompany any member of your team around the course.

Choose your distance:

  • Sprint Superhero Tri: 150m swim, 3km cycle, 1km push/run
  • Half Superhero Tri: 400m swim, 10km cycle, 2.5km push/run
  • Full Superhero Tri: 750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km push/run

The best bits about Superhero Tri:

  • No cut off-times!
  • You can bring along your superhero 'sidekick' who can support you around the course (if you need it).
  • You can bring any equipment you might need to help you complete the challenge, from flippers and floats to electric and day chairs.
  • Set in Dorney Lake's stunning surroundings, the waters are clear and calm, the bike and push/run courses are on closed, level, tarkmacked roads and pathways.
The Superhero Triathlon Challenge is just the beginning. So make sure you sign up today.
Being supported by so many people en route made it an epic day and it felt amazing being part of the Scope team!

Scope participant, 2017

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Join Team Scope and help us make a difference to the lives of disabled people and their families.

The money you raise:

  • Means we can be there to offer support and advice to disabled people and their families.
  • Could enable our helpline to continue to support thousands of people every year. Each year we receive around 28,000 enquiries and demand is higher than ever.
  • Could help us to bring parents of disabled children together through our online community so that they can support each other during stressful and anxious times.

We will be there to support you every step of the way. We're part of your team.

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