Our partnership with Virgin Media

seven disabled people in front of a large #WorkWithMe sign
Virgin Media red and white logo - reads doing more good with digital
Scope and Virgin Media have been in partnership since July 2015. Together we are transforming the lives of disabled people and their families by collaborating to develop life-changing ideas that have technology at their heart.

Our two-year partnership is focussed on uniting our brands, people and expertise behind three national projects and campaigns that are funded by Virgin Media’s £1 million corporate donation:
  • Connect Families: Digitally connect parents of disabled children with other parents facing similar issues – sharing their experiences to become stronger, better informed and more resilient to the everyday challenges they face.
  • Inspire Independence: Provide disabled people with access to technology that enables them to communicate, control their home environment and independently access education and employment.
  • End the Awkward: Change attitudes towards disability through Scope’s End the Awkward campaign.

The partnership continues to benefit from the fantastic support of Virgin Media with almost £260,000* raised through a range of fundraising activities. Virgin Media employees have also volunteered their time and donated in kind to help stock our Scope shops.

Find out more about this partnership and how it supports Virgin Media’s Transforming Lives sustainability goal.

*figures up to April 2017
We want to use digital technology to transform lives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Scope to create a distinctive national partnership to help unlock the potential of everyone living with a disability in the UK. Together we are harnessing the energy of our people, the power of our brand and all our digital know-how; to work towards the goal of taking away some of the barriers that can hold back disabled people.
Brigitte Trafford Chief Corporate Affairs Officer