Our partnership with Virgin Media

seven disabled people in front of a large #WorkWithMe sign
Virgin Media red and white logo - reads doing more good with digital
Scope and Virgin Media have been in partnership since July 2015, working together to transform the lives of disabled people and their families through digital technology.

In September 2017 we extended our partnership until the end of 2020. The ambition of Work With Me, our new three year campaign, is to support one million disabled people to get into and stay in work. 

Disabled people are being locked out of the workplace due to the barriers they face. In 2017, disabled people are still more than twice as likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people. That’s why we’ve launched Work With Me

At the heart of Work With Me is Support to Work our new digital employment support service for disabled people which is funded by Virgin Media’s corporate donation.

In addition to the employment service we will also work with Virgin Media to continue to change hearts and minds along the way by supporting Virgin Media to improve attitudes towards disability across their employee, customer, partner and supplier base.

To make sure that we deliver positive change on a scale that matches the ambitions of the Work With Me campaign, we have partnered with Capability Scotland and Cedar Foundation in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Together we are going to support disabled people across the whole of the UK.

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The support of Virgin Media’s employees provides a strong foundation for the success of our partnership. Since 2015 they have provided crucial support through fundraising and skill swaps. To date this includes £360,000 and £6,000 in stock donations.
We want to use digital technology to transform lives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Scope to create a distinctive national partnership to help unlock the potential of everyone living with a disability in the UK. Together we are harnessing the energy of our people, the power of our brand and all our digital know-how; to work towards the goal of taking away some of the barriers that can hold back disabled people.
Brigitte Trafford Chief Corporate Affairs Officer