Parent befriending

Face 2 Face:

Parent befriending scheme.
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Every 10 minutes a family hears the news their child is disabled.

Feelings of isolation

What happens next is an avalanche of emotions that can overwhelm even the strongest of families. Shock, guilt, isolation, and fear of the future are common feelings.  
Parents tell us how old friends drift away as they do not know what to say or how to provide support.
80% of families with a disabled child say they’ve been close to breaking point at some time in their lives due to not having the right support and information. When parents are at breaking point this can mean their children do not get the best start in life.
As one parent says, "We were thrown into a new world almost immediately when we received the diagnosis. It was a completely new language. We didn't feel ready. We didn't want that for Joy. There were a lot of tears back then. Sometimes I don't know how we kept sane."

Supporting parents of disabled children

We run a service called Face 2 Face which is about families of disabled children supporting each other. We train "befrienders," who are themselves parents of disabled children, to provide emotional and practical support to struggling parents.  
Our Face 2 Face befrienders know exactly what to say because they have been there themselves.  Parents tell us that by having a befriender they feel reassured, less isolated and more optimistic about their child and family’s future. 
A Face 2 Face befriender is a person like you. Speaking to someone who has been through the turmoil and has come out the other side, gives you light at the end of the tunnel.
Face 2 Face changes lives with 90% of families saying the support they received would still have a positive impact on the family's quality of life in five years' time.
We currently have 19 Face 2 Face groups, but demand is rising and more critical support is needed. All the parents say that the service has enabled them to feel more confident to look after their disabled child and whole family.
It costs Scope approximately £500 to reach one new family of a disabled child, providing the support needed to change their lives.