Scope retail expansion

Scope retail project

Using donations efficiently and sustainably. 

Scope charity shop window
We understand the importance of using donations efficiently and sustainably. That’s why we have developed a way to make sure that your donations support as many disabled people and their families as possible.

Expanding our network of charity shops

Over the last three years, Scope has risen to be one of the fastest growing charity retailers.  We currently have 233 charity shops and through our retail project we aim to open another 43 over the next three years. This will equate to another £1.2 million of sustainable annual income for Scope. This income will enable us to develop new projects to support disabled people and their families year after year.
It costs £50,000 to set up a new shop in our target towns. These are towns where there is a more affluent demographic to donate good-quality stock, where there is good access to the shops and a population under 50,000. Each shop generates up to £30,000 in net profit every year. We are also running a project of refurbishing existing shops at a cost of £21,000 per shop. This refurbishment generally sees uplift in income of 9% per year.

How you can invest in our charity shops

What makes this project appealing are the different ways that it can be supported. Donors can choose between funding a complete shop at £50,000 and funding a refurbishment at £21,000. We may even be able to direct your funds to a shop location near you so you can see your donation benefiting the local community. Donors can also donate regularly through our Scope Venture Philanthropy Fund. Supporters who are not currently in a position to donate can still support Scope by investing in Scope shops with a returnable philanthropic loan. You can also support us through our award-winning Social investment Bond, the Scope Bond, listed on the Luxembourg stock exchange.
The income from the shops is used to fund further services and projects such as our Face 2 Face parent support network. The sustainable nature of the income from our shops means that every pound donated has an impact year after year, so that we can reach more disabled people and their families.