The Allia charitable bond

Allia Bond

A smart way to make a difference 

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Allia is a Financial Services Association (FSA) regulated charity and community benefit society.

Their charitable bond is an ethical savings product that gives individuals who want to support Scope the opportunity to loan their savings set aside for the future in a bond, which will automatically generate a donation for Scope. 

How it works: 

  1. Invest a proportion of your savings or discretionary trust in a five-year Allia bond.
  2. Select the rate of return you want on your investment (up to 2% per annum).
  3. Allia invests all their capital in AA-rated social housing providers.
  4. After five years Allia repays your bond with interest.
  5. Allia will make an upfront donation [1] to Scope of between 12% and 18% [2] of the total amount invested.

With a charitable bond you can keep your money aside for the future and release a donation to help Scope reach even more disabled people and their families.


You can choose how your support can make a difference

The donation made through your investment in the Allia bond can be used to help fund the ongoing running costs of Scope’s work or it can be used to benefit a particular Scope project or service. 

For example, if an investor wishes to support Scope’s new supported living services in Hertfordshire, the donation generated through the Allia bond could help in the following ways:

  • An investment of £1,000 for five years to the bond would result in an upfront donation of around £150 to Scope, which could help fund the furniture for an accessible bedroom.
  • An investment of £5,000 for five years to the bond would result in a tax-free donation of around £750 to Scope, which could help fund hoist tracking and motors.

As the investor you would still receive the full investment back in five years' time, plus the interest you had chosen.


Together we can create a better society for everyone

We believe the Allia ethical savings bond is an exciting and innovative way of raising donations from savings that might not be needed now and could be earning a low rate of interest in a current account. 

With the Allia bond you can invest in making a real difference for disabled people whilst at the same time retaining your savings for the future. 

We think a world where all disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else would be a pretty incredible place for all of us. Together we can make it happen.

For more information on Allia please contact Vanessa Smye.


[1]. Because Allia doesn’t pay tax, bonuses or dividends, and its costs are very low, it is able to donate the majority of the profit it makes from its investment straight to the bond holder's chosen cause as a single up-front, tax-free gift.

[2]. Rate is dependent on the interest rate the investor chooses and the prevailing market rate payable by housing associations at the time of the investment.