The Scope Bond programme

Bond programme

Our award-winning

£20 million bond programme

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The Scope Bond

We have been developing Social Investment propositions across the spectrum of financial return. All of these deliver a vital social impact.

Some of our approaches ensure donations are multiplied in value by investing them in income-generating activity or by using them as a deposit to leverage commercial credit.

Other products like the Scope Bond, listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, are firmly in the 'financial return space'.

How it works

By paying a fair yield of 2-3% investors will know that for every £50,000 investment they could enable Scope to support at least 60 new families with a disabled child every year. Whilst the yield on this investment might be slightly lower than at some banks, its success to date shows it is a price many people are willing to pay for this kind of social impact.

We are using the finance raised through the Bond Programme to expand our income generation activities including fundraising programmes and our network of charity shops. These programmes generate long-term sustainable sources of income for our work with disabled people.

Scope is partnering with Investing for Good, a specialist social finance which will see it become one of the first UK charities to enter the capital markets.

The Scope Bond Programme will operate in the same way as similar corporate bond products and we will have the flexibility to issue sterling bond tranches at varying nominal amounts, maturity dates and coupon rates under the overarching programme.

However, as the finance raised will be used for charitable activities, rather than for commercial purposes, investment in the Scope Bond Programme will generate social benefits in addition to the expected financial returns to investors. 

If you would like more information on the Scope Bond please contact Vanessa Smye.