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The Big Give

Match funding campaign

Your donation will help us reach and support more parents of disabled children like Dan and Aimee.
Double your donation now
Father with his daughter sitting on the sofa reading a book.
Double your donation now

We are taking part in The Big Give match funding campaign until midday 4 December 2018. This means you can double your donation to us at no extra cost!

How to double your donation

You can donate to us by visiting the Big Give website.

Donations can be as much as £5,000 or as little as £5. And you can give as many times as you like.

We're hoping to raise £30,000 which will be matched to become £60,000. All the money raised will go towards our services for parents of disabled children supporting them when they need us most.

How your donation can help

Your gift can help us give parents of disabled children the support they need to get the best start in life.

  • £27 can provide one to one support for a set of parents.
  • £75 can go to towards our new parents support service. 
  • £137 can support a family whose disabled child has an ongoing sleep struggle.
  • £250 can reach over 25 new online community users.
  • £453 can pay for one ot one support for parents from someone who understands what they are going through.

Don't miss this opportunity to double the impact you can have on the lives of disabled children and their families.

If we'd known what we know now back then, we could have relaxed more. All the questions we had could have been answered.
Aimee Emily's mum
Dan and Aimee
We were in shock. Without any support, we were lost.
When Emily was born, a specialist painted the darkest picture, full of negativity about what Emily couldn't do, rather than what she can.
Aimee Emily's mum

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For more information about the Big Give matched funding campaign please contact us.

Phone: 020 7619 7777