Brighter futures, thanks to you

You're helping us support young disabled people like Daniel

Daniel sitting at a desk learning interview skills

Young disabled people are twice as likely to be unemployed, and much less likely to go onto further education. Emily, Scope’s Employment Adviser supports them into work through mentoring, work experience placements and interview skills.

She’s seen first-hand the difference it makes to young disabled people. Emily told us:

“It really frustrates me when people write off young people, like ‘oh they don’t care, they don’t engage, they don’t want the opportunities you give them.’ Give those opportunities to the young disabled people I work with and they would bite your hand off, they love it. They’re just such a wonderful bunch, and they’ve all grown and changed since being on the programme.”

Your support means that young disabled people like Daniel can have life-changing moments. He has Asperger’s Syndrome. He found some work situations, such as using the phone, really difficult, and travelling on public transport very stressful. His confidence was at rock bottom. He felt like he would be destined to live a life on benefits, and that there was nothing out there for him. Here Daniel tells you in his own words, what the Scope employment programme has meant to him.

“It will always hold a special place in my heart. I learned a tremendous amount about myself. Skills I never dreamed I could acquire were coming out of me. I felt so much better about myself.

After many years of doubting myself in all aspects of life, I always got the feeling that I belong here. Being on the course made me realise I am who I am. I never tried to hide my disability. Scope has given me the light to see and be who I am.”

Thanks so much for all your support. 

I found the negative thoughts I was carrying around seem to have disappeared.
Daniel Student on Scope's employment course
Thank you for showing me that I’m very much employable.
Daniel Student on Scope's employment course