Paul’s happy ending

You’re providing loving homes for disabled children like Paul.

childs drawing of mum and son. And child in kanoe

Paul was nine when his mum died. Without her he was lost. You see, Paul has cerebral palsy and his mum was the only person who knew how to look after him. His family tried but it became too much for them. He had to be taken into care.

Paul was moved to live in a residential service which wasn’t suitable for his needs. He wasn’t happy. He became withdrawn and barely spoke. He was desperately in need of a loving family home.

We believe that every child deserves a loving home. That’s why we train foster carers, like Sue.

At first Sue wasn’t sure she could foster Paul.  She’d never cared for a disabled child before and was worried it would be too difficult.  Then, three years after he had been taken into care, Sue met Paul and never looked back.

Sue says ‘Scope has given me so much important training and they’ve really helped me feel confident in giving Paul the support he needs. We’ve all grown so close and Paul loves being part of the family. Knowing I’ve got Scope’s backup is essential and I couldn’t have fostered Paul without it.’

Recently Sue had an incredibly emotional moment with Paul. They were in the garden together and he was talking about his mum dying. He told her his mum was now a star up in the night sky.

Paul pointed to the stars in the sky and said ‘mum gone'. Then he pointed to me and said ‘you mum'. It brought me to tears, because it reassured me he was happy with us and felt secure”.
Sue Paul's foster carer
Because of you we can train more foster carers to provide loving homes for disabled children. Thank you. 
All names have been changed to protect identities

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Our fostering service specialises in placing disabled children and young people with supportive and enriching foster families.