Supporting dads of disabled children

Mark knows how well Scope supports dads with disabled children.

Charli-Mai with her dad Mark
Mark’s attended a parent support group with his daughter Charli-Mai, aged five, since shortly after her first birthday. Now their relationship is stronger than ever.
He’s made friends and now has regular contact with other fathers who understand what it means to have a disabled child. He can share experiences, ask for advice or just have a chat. The group helped him realise he’s not alone and now he feels more confident to be the best dad he can be to Charli-Mai.

Before attending our support group, Mark struggled to open up.

He first attended a mixed group with his wife Sarah, but found it hard to talk to women about how he was feeling. He then started attending our dads-only group, where he felt more comfortable.
“With the dads group, we’re all in the same boat. It’s a lot easier to speak to another bloke,” says Mark.
And thanks to you more dads like Mark can get the support they need so that they can provide a loving environment in which their children can thrive. Thank you.