Help disabled children sleep

For families with disabled children, sleep problems are a nightmare.

Kathy sitting with her son Tom
Sleep problems affect 80% of disabled children, compared with 25% of non-disabled children.
You help Scope support families to overcome their child’s sleeplessness with specialist support and advice.
Two-year-old Tom’s lack of sleep was partly related to his hearing impairment and speech delay. He was waking up during the night often up to 20 times. The family was surviving on two hours' sleep. They were at breaking point.
Kathy says,
"I could easily have left him on someone’s doorstep... For a mum, that’s an awful place to be.."
Thankfully Mum Kathy found Scope. A Scope sleep expert visited and advised her on sleep techniques, such as keeping a sleep diary and establishing a clear bedtime routine.
Tom is now sleeping much better, so Kathy and older son Joshua can sleep too.
Thanks to your support more families will get a good night's sleep.