Kirstie is a disabled DJ

Kirstie's story



Kirstie in her wheelchair
What did you love about college? Learning different skills, meeting new people or simply having a laugh? Kirstie is a student at Scope’s Beaumont College who has grown in confidence thanks to software on her tablet computer, which reads typed words out loud.
It means she has a voice if her own speech becomes unclear. This has allowed her to enjoy music and dance lessons so much she recorded a song during her second year.
Kirstie told us: “I produced my single called ‘I’m back’. It’s about my first year at Beaumont College and coming back for my second year. It’s my first ever single. I am so proud. I used my voice to sing and I wrote the song and I chose the soundtrack.”
“I want to be a DJ. I am called DJ Smurf and I DJ in the college. I love it because it’s nice to play music for other people so they can enjoy it as much as I do. I play at parties and discos."
It’s all because of you.
Thanks to your support, young disabled people are learning the skills they need to live the life they choose. Who knows, one day Kirstie might become a world famous DJ!