Coronavirus: information and updates

It’s been a very tough year – but Scope is there for families like mine.

Since the beginning of lockdown, demand for our services has surged. Christy’s family is one of many we’ve been able to help during this difficult year.

Her story shows how important it is to be able to run our services over the Christmas period - but we urgently need to raise £237,370 to fund them.

With the recent shop closures and ongoing disruption to our other fundraising activities during the second lockdown, your support this Christmas has never been more important.

It’s been a long and lonely year

My name’s Christy, and I wanted to share my family’s story - and how Scope’s vital services helped us be able to look forward to Christmas together, after a difficult year.

My son Sascha is three years old. He’s the most caring, loving little man you could ever meet.

His sense of sight and touch are magnified, because he was born profoundly deaf due to having no auditory nerve and glue ear. That makes him extremely sensitive to vibrations.

Because of this, for a long time Sascha really struggled to sleep. He couldn’t settle at all - so I couldn’t sleep either. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, I was that exhausted.

Then when Sascha got sick this year, his sleep problems were worse than ever. He was so poorly – it was just horrific.

It all got too much – but Scope was there for us

Scope’s Sleep Right service helped us find the right bedtime routine for Sascha and gave us loads of great tips, like introducing a ‘sleepy snack’ and a ‘bedtime box’ full of calming toys.

Scope’s adviser said, ‘Anything you need, I’m here. Any time you’re lonely, just call.’

Like many families with disabled children, things did get really tough for us again this year – but Scope was there for us again, and it made me feel much less alone.

It’s a frightening time

Right now, many families with disabled children are having an impossibly tough time. They feel terrified and isolated. They’re enduring long, lonely nights.

With Christmas just around the corner - when other families prepare to celebrate quality time together and you find yourself facing challenges that you feel you can’t overcome - the loneliness can become unbearable.

This year, we are also living with the fear that comes with knowing that two thirds of the people who died from coronavirus were disabled. Everything that is usually difficult, this year has been so much tougher.

Scope needs your support to be there for families like mine

Scope provides vital services to support families of disabled children when they most need it – which is only made possible by the generosity of supporters like you.

Please make a donation today so that Scope can support more families like mine - especially during this challenging time. Your important gift right now will change lives.

Thank you so much.

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