Employing disabled people

How we're making Scope a great place for disabled people to work

Disabled person in meeting with colleagues

We want to be a diverse organisation attracting people from all backgrounds, including talented and passionate disabled and non-disabled people.

When we asked our employees in 2018 if they had an impairment or condition, 17 percent of those who completed our survey said yes.

While we don't have a specific target about the number of disabled people we want working for us, we do want to do more to make Scope a great place to work for disabled people. By doing this, we believe more disabled people will choose to join us. We have a set of initiatives underway to make this happen.

These include:

  • Changing the ways we advertise jobs to ensure that more disabled people see our adverts and are encouraged to apply.
  • Piloting links with local disability organisations to promote working at Scope.
  • Training specialist members of staff to ensure that we improve accessibility across Scope.
  • Improving our managers' abilities to support disabled staff.

We always welcome job applications from disabled people and guarantee that all disabled applicants meeting the minimum criteria for the role will be invited for interview.