Programmes officer job description

Job title: Programmes officer

Reports to: Growth manager

Department: Customer strategy and experience 

Location: Here East, Stratford - Scope head office

Grade: E

Salary: £24,000 - £26,000 per year 

Person specification

Role purpose

To support the development of programmes that change attitudes and promote equality for disabled people. To lead on the development, delivery and quality assurance of the Scope Role Models programme.

Key accountabilities

  • Promote facilitative and inclusive working; establishing and maintaining productive, collaborative relations with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Promote a culture of high standards, expectations and continuous improvement that values and empowers staff and encourages team members to maximise their potential through continuous learning whilst challenging and dealing with under performance.
  • Utilise volunteers appropriately within the department and The Scope Role Models Programme.

Role specific

  • Develop and deliver the Scope Role Models education programme within schools and youth community groups, in line with Scope Strategic and Growth Plans.
  • Recruit and train disabled people to become Scope Role Models.
  • Lead on the delivery of presentations alongside Role Models in schools and other settings.
  • Oversee quality Scope Role Models delivery, ensuring consistency of Customer Experience wherever Role Models is delivered.
  • Coordinate our network of Role Models, ensuring that they are supported to do their role, receive regular communications and are encouraged to become longer-term supporters of Scope.
  • Work with Marketing colleagues to promote the Role Models programme so that we meet our KPIs and Growth plans
  • Liaise with external contacts at schools and other organisations to make sure that necessary planning is in place for smooth delivery of Role Models.
  • Be responsible for all admin tasks, including arranging travel and accommodation, expenses, invoicing and production of materials.
  • Maintain a database of Role Models, schools and other participants and partners.
  • Work with Role Models and departments in Scope to encourage programme participants to gain useful skills and to encourage longer-term engagement with Scope.
  • Support Fundraising to develop proposals for programme funding.
  • Provide insight and stories from Role Models to relevant teams in Scope to feed into the development of future programmes and to promote Scope’s work.
  • Identify new and innovative opportunities to develop relationships and build programmes.
  • Work within Scope’s policies relating to customer confidentiality and data protection at all times.
  • Follow Scope’s safeguarding policy and processes and make sure they are applied appropriately to our programmes.
  • Promote Scope and its values around equality, inclusion and the social model of disability and to present a positive image of the organisation in all aspects of work.
  • Contribute to team meetings, working groups and discussions, and to proactively contribute to the continued improvement of our programmes.
  • Undertake any other duties that may reasonably be required.
  • Travel across England and Wales.

Mandatory for all staff

  • Work seamlessly across department or team boundaries in a collaborative and constructive manner to implement Scope’s strategic direction.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to customer service excellence and deliver against the requirements of Scope’s quality framework.
  • Work within Scope’s policies and procedures.

Key contacts


  • Customer strategy and experience - to ensure quality and links with other products
  • Fundraising, marketing and communications – to ensure effective communications and marketing of programmes, to tell disabled people’s stories and to support funding applications.
  • People and talent – to ensure we follow correct volunteering and safeguarding procedure


  • Schools
  • Other voluntary organisations, community and youth groups
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