Changing our name and attitudes

2014 will mark twenty years since we changed our name

In 1994 we dropped one of the country’s best known brands in a bid to take a stand against bad attitudes to disability. It was a brave and significant moment in our history.

In March 1994, at an extraordinary General Meeting, members of the Spastics Society voted 79% in favour of changing the name. In November 1994, we became “Scope”.  We wanted to say something positive about disability and challenge attitudes to disabled people.

By ditching the name Spastics Society, we helped knock that insult out of circulation and got people questioning attitudes to disability. The word “spastic” had become a term of abuse, both in the playground and in everyday life for disabled adults, and many people felt uncomfortable it.

20 years on, we’ve come a long way, but there are still major issues when it comes to attitudes. These attitudes have a direct impact on living standards. This is why we’re planning another big bid to challenge the way we think about attitudes.

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