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Career Pathways mentoring programme supported by Deloitte

We are celebrating the fantastic Deloitte volunteers who have taken part in the recently launched mentoring programme for Career Pathways.

Deloitte volunteers signed up to mentor young disabled people, providing advice and support to help them develop new skills and build confidence to achieve their career goals.

We caught up with Dan and his mentor Said to find out about their mentoring experience.

Dan (mentee)

Tell us about yourself and why you applied to the mentoring programme?

I'm Dan, I'm 25 and have cerebral palsy, I enjoy being active and socialising. Having graduated with a Masters Degree in Information Security last summer, I have now been applying for IT and Cyber Security type jobs for several months.

When I did get a response, I would be given an online test to do which would test various skills and then I would receive a reply that went something along the lines of "thank you for completing the test, we won't be progressing with this application".

I approached Scope in the hope of getting some guidance, from somebody who was used to what employers were looking for and may be able to shed some light on where I could improve. I was particularly interested in having some input on my CV.

The fact that I would be paired with someone who was doing a similar job to what I hope to get, really appealed to me. I guess at that point I had started to wonder if I was really cut out for the kind of graduate level IT jobs I was applying for.

What have you enjoyed?

When I was first introduced to Said, by my career adviser, we seemed to get on well, being of a similar age and having similar interests. We seem to converse really well together.

During lockdown, I have missed being able to socialise face to face. I have really enjoyed chatting with him on a whole range of topics related to job applications, life at Deloitte, CV writing and so on. I'm sure he's enjoyed working with me too.

Said's advice on how to answer the online tests, how to improve my CV, and also in understanding the feedback following the tests has been invaluable.

It has been great to hear that he thinks I am a good candidate and would do well working for a large, highly respected organisation like Deloitte. It's great to know what these companies are looking for from the inside and to have somebody to talk to who sees more of me than just a name on a piece of paper.

As he says "I just need to keep going". I'm very confident that something will work out eventually.

What are your next steps?

In terms of where I go next, I feel I now have a good CV that is appropriate for employers in 2021, and also a clear idea of what companies are looking for from their recruits.

I plan to keep applying for jobs and looking for volunteering opportunities related to IT or disability, as I feel I am strong on academic qualifications, but lack the practical experience that employers would like to see. And which reassures them that I can handle the workload of a regular full time job.

Volunteering would also give me an understanding of what it would be like to work in an organisation, how things are done and what they would expect from me.

Said (mentor)

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do at Deloitte?

I'm Said, I am a geeky maths specialist within the Complex Valuations team at Deloitte. I typically look at the technical side of deriving prices (hence, pricing) of financial instruments. It is pretty fun since you get to use various mathematical tricks and creative thinking!

What attracted you to the role as a mentor at Scope?

I am quite a chatterbox and happy to talk to different people. Ability to induce positive energy into someone else’s life is something I appreciate.

When I found out about the mentoring opportunity, my wish to get involved appeared immediately. I deeply cherish the opportunity to create a meaningful impact on my mentee and on society in general, and exchange our life experiences.

In many ways, mentors learn from mentees as much (if not more!) and the other way round. It is a valuable activity to take part in.

What have you enjoyed about your role?

I particularly appreciate that Dan (my current mentee) and me are on the same wavelength! Dan takes effort to participate in our sessions and always keeps open minded towards my advice or opinions.

I believe that it is the achievement of Scope’s people that mentees and mentors are matched according to how much in common they may have. For example, both Dan and I are passionate about technology and cybersecurity! I also enjoy seeing Dan becoming more and more confident in his ability to reach personal and career goals with every session.

From my point of view, the role of a mentor at Scope presents a unique opportunity to see people overcoming challenges and becoming role models! The role of a mentor adds a dimension to my understanding of different people and teaches me about humility, hard work, resilience and confidence. It is real as the life itself gets!

Find out more about Career Pathways and the Deloitte mentoring programme.

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