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Thank you for continuing to be there for me – you’re amazing.

Hi, I'm Ami. This time last year I wrote to some of Scope’s amazing supporters, like you, telling you all about how you helped me overcome huge challenges by introducing me to others in a similar position, and letting me know that I wasn’t alone.

It feels like a lifetime ago now. Given everything that’s happened in 2020, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well.

Life changing news

Aside from the obvious, my world has certainly changed a lot this year. But the big news is - I’m pregnant!

Me and my husband were thrilled to bits about becoming parents. But then a dark, scary cloud came and cast a shadow over everything – the pandemic.

It’s been a frightening time

Over 70% of disabled people have been feeling anxious during the pandemic, and the anxiety has definitely got too much for me this year. I’m deaf and I have central vision loss. I’m classed as vulnerable and it’s terrifying, being at such high risk. And it’s not just the fear. It’s the despair.

Sometimes it feels like disabled people are getting forgotten in all this. Like I’m worthless. Like my life has no value.

You were there for me

But when I go on to Scope’s online community, the gloom just lifts. My friends there are always reassuring. Always understanding. Always caring. It’s the most supportive place I know.

It’s only with the support of people like you that the online community exists. There has never been a more challenging time for disabled people, but you’re supporting us through it.

At times I’ve been overwhelmed with anxiety at the deadly risk of coronavirus. But whenever things get too much, I can reach out to my friends on Scope’s online community. They’re like a ray of light in the darkness and I just can’t imagine my life without them – even though we haven’t actually met face to face.

That’s the beauty of the online community, and it was made for this moment. Coronavirus isn’t going anywhere soon, so many disabled people will stay stuck in isolation. Behind closed doors. Full of anxiety – with no one to turn to for support.

And you’re there for others, thank you

But you’ve been there for the tens of thousands of community members, just as you’ve been there for me. Your continued support is changing lives. I should know – you changed mine. Thank you.

It’s thanks to you, that disabled people like Ami have continued to get the vital advice support they’ve needed throughout the pandemic. But right now, life couldn’t be tougher for disabled people, so your support couldn’t be more important. Please make an extra donation today.

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