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Improving sleep

Counting all the ways you're helping improve sleep

Hello, I’m Gina, the Team Lead for Scope’s Sleep Right service. For many families, the pandemic has made sleeping very difficult. I want to tell you about all the ways that you’re enabling disabled children to have a good night’s sleep, so they can fulfil their potential and get the best start in life.

1. You provide support when it’s needed most

Many disabled children experience sleep problems. But the pandemic has made everything much worse, with all the anxiety and disruption to routines. Thanks to you, the team here at Sleep Right is there for families who need support more than ever.

2. You enable us to understand a family’s needs

The support starts with a phone assessment. We speak to families about everything from routines to diets. A child can struggle with sleep for many reasons, and sleep problems have a big impact. One mum and dad said the only way they could get any rest was to take turns sleeping in a hotel!

3. Thanks to you, a family has a solid sleep plan

You enable us to put together an individual sleep plan. Every family is different, as I know from my own experiences. One of my sons has cerebral palsy. For nine years, we didn’t have a full night’s sleep. It was tough, let me tell you. But the right support has made all the difference.

4. You empower parents to transform bedtimes

With your generous gifts, you provide parents with the expert knowledge to develop the best bedtime routine for their child. There are lots of ways to improve sleep – reducing screen time, having a calming bath before bedtime, using soothing colours to decorate the bedroom.

5. You make sure that support is always there

Thanks to you, we can do follow-up sessions with parents on the phone. They might ask for practical advice or need emotional support. It’s so rewarding to feel like our work makes a difference – which it does! When those parents told me they no longer had to sleep in a hotel, I felt a mix of relief and satisfaction.

6. Your gifts are creating virtuous sleep cycles

One good thing leads to another, and your support is a very good thing. When a child can sleep better at night, they have the energy to lead a full life during the day, which means they can sleep well the next night. It’s a virtuous cycle, and you make it possible.

Your support is working like a dream

Sleep is so important for a child to develop, happily and healthily. You’re giving disabled children the best start in life, and the best chance of achieving their dreams. Thank you!

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