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Make it Count

Time for Movement for Change 

We all loved watching the Paralympics, but exclusion from sport and physical activity is still an everyday reality for many disabled people. With your support, we launched Make It Count – an active challenge that calls time on disability inequality. Rhys and Laura tell you why they got involved.

Teaming up against discrimination

“I’m 13 years old and I have cerebral palsy. I love sport and it’s a big part of my life. I play in goal for my local disability football team and it’s my dream to play for my country.”

“Recently I posted a video on social media of one of my saves. The next day I received thousands of hateful online comments, like ‘if you can’t walk, you shouldn’t play sport.’”

“This really upset me. I decided to take part in Make It Count to stand up to these people and raise awareness for disabled children like me, who just want to be included.”

“I’m Making It Count to prove that hate will never win.” Rhys

Boosting physical and mental health

“I have Nail Patella Syndrome, a genetic syndrome that affects my mobility. My experience of gyms was intense and intimidating. I was faced with negative attitudes and just felt like a burden.”

“Then I joined a different gym and I’ve never looked back. I’ve achieved things in the gym that I never thought I would. It’s so satisfying and it’s had a huge positive effect on my mental health.”

“I took part in Make It Count to encourage others to not be scared of trying something new – you will find an activity that works for you!”

“I want physical activity to be accessible to everyone.” Laura 

35% of disabled people feel excluded from sport, and 91% want to be more active*

Time to Make It Count

We launched Make It Count to create a movement of movers. At the same time as the Paralympics, people set themselves an active challenge to raise vital funds for Scope and celebrate inclusivity in sport. It could be walking, wheeling or running – for 5 minutes or 500. 

Moving towards equality

Make It Count is all about championing the right to participate, in sport and in society, so disabled people can achieve their ambitions.

And your support was vital to get it moving. Thank you. Together, we can create a future where disabled people are never excluded again.

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