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Shooting for the Stars

Aiming High

Investing in Sam’s future

Sam has never let cerebral palsy get in the way of his blockbuster ambition. He wants to become a top film producer and make the film industry a more inclusive place. Sam’s already on the way to glittering success, and you’ve played a part in his story…

It won’t be long before you see Sam’s name in lights. He’s an aspiring young film producer, who recently landed a work placement at a major film company. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, he also advises directors about how disabled people are represented in films.

Sam’s motivations are very personal. He has cerebral palsy and he’s passionate about telling inclusive stories. But his ambitions extend far beyond his own career.

Sam sees the big picture – he’s made it his mission to remove barriers into filmmaking for disabled people.

Challenges along the way

Sam’s journey into filmmaking hasn’t been without its challenges. When he was applying for work placements, it came up that he uses a wheelchair.

And there was a shocking response. “Employers just told me, ‘Sorry, the film set doesn’t have wheelchair access.’” You can see the barriers that some disabled people must face. The experience showed Sam that there was a problem – and it made him determined to be part of the solution.

Investing in Sam’s future

Sam’s determination grew even more when he got in touch with Startling Line, one of Scope’s employment services. It is part funded by your generous gifts. With your support, you are providing disabled people like Sam with what he describes as a “stepping stone” into work.
“It was helpful to speak to Scope’s employment advisor. Instead of just exchanging emails, having an actual conversation really fuelled my determination to move forward.” You also enabled Scope to support Sam with his CV and covering letter, making sure his goals and his skills shone through. Sending out more applications, Sam met with great success. His very many talents were recognised by a major film company, who offered him a work placement. “I was so excited to tell my employment advisor about the offer. It’s brilliant to have someone in your corner, providing a stepping stone into the industry I wanted to get into. With your support of Scope,

it’s like you’re making an investment in my future.” Sam’s future looks very bright, and you’ve played a part in his story. But it’s really important that your support continues…

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