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Let's change the world wide web

Imagine if disabled people weren’t able to access 98% of all buildings in the UK. Wouldn’t you be outraged? That’s how many websites are inaccessible to disabled people – a shocking reality that you are helping change with our Big Hack campaign.

Shut out of the digital and the real world

The internet puts the world at our fingertips. But because disabled people face barriers online, they’re being excluded from the world – and getting increasingly left behind as technology progresses. This has been especially apparent during the pandemic as we have all come to depend even more on technology. We asked some disabled people to tell you about their online experiences – and the impact on their everyday life.

“When I can’t access a website or get where I need to go, I despair because I have to rely on one of my friends. It strips me of my independence, since technology is such a massive part of my life.” Big Hack survey respondent

“I want to book wheelchair spaces for everything easily. Cinema. Theatre. Train. Taxis. I want to do this online. Not on the phone. Not via email over several weeks with a phone call later.” Big Hack survey respondent.

Time to reboot and create a better internet

In the previous issue, you may remember reading how you enabled us to launch the Big Hack campaign. Since then, with your support, the campaign has brought the technology industry together to find solutions to barriers faced by disabled people – in the online and real world. And this is more important now than ever.

Locked down, but not locked out

During the coronavirus outbreak, technology is a crucial way of staying connected and accessing vital services. Your support has enabled us to work quickly with retailers to make sure that their websites are fully accessible. Thanks to you, we’ve also worked with the NHS on their new national app, so disabled people can access vital information during this time.

You are having a very real impact

With all the changes caused by coronavirus, technology is playing an even bigger part in our everyday lives. So you are having an even greater impact. And as our society continues to transform, you will ensure that disabled people don’t get left behind. Thank you. To keep up-to-date with the progress that you’re continuing to help us make in the digital world, find out about the Big Hack.

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