Lowering the Disability Price Tag

From specialist toys to essentials like heating, life costs more for disabled people and their families. But you’re helping to challenge this financial inequality, and MPs are listening.

You’re helping to fight extra costs

Did you know that families with disabled children face average extra costs of £581 per month? By supporting Scope, you’re challenging this financial inequality.

Thanks to you, we held an event in Westminster where we voiced our recommendations for a welfare system that recognises extra costs. 32 MPs attended, and many more have got the message through supporters like you.

Learn more about our campaigns and the impact you’re having.

The impact of extra costs

The cost of a wheelchair is a month’s wages.

”My daughter Lucy was born with a very rare condition called an unbalanced
translocation, so she needs a specialist wheelchair with a headrest which was £972.” Sam

Add the words “special needs” and the price rockets.

“My son Curtis has a number of impairments and conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, and my daughter Phoebe isn’t disabled. Her new bike cost £90, and his was £600! With special needs bikes, the price is significantly more but the quality is significantly less.” Garry

My heating bill is what worries me the most.

“I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, a muscle wasting condition and use a wheelchair. I have very little movement, so feel the cold much more. In winter
my heating bill goes up by £300. That’s a big difference.” Ajay

If you can’t afford the extra costs, the situation is worse.

“Florence, my amazing little girl, has autism and a sensory processing disorder. Without the specialist toys and equipment we bought, the situation would be far worse.” Sarah

You’re shining a light on the injustice of extra costs, pushing for the change that disabled people need to improve their lives.

Thank you.

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