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You’re putting disabled children on the map

The government has announced their roadmap to Covid recovery, but not everyone is included. Scope is part of a coalition called the Disabled Children’s Partnership, and you recently enabled us to set out a recovery plan for disabled children and their families – so there’s a fairer future beyond Covid.

Lack of support is damaging wellbeing

The pandemic has made life difficult for everyone, but it’s hit disabled children and their families especially hard. Many parents tell us how their support has been withdrawn. Therapy sessions have been stopped. Health appointments have been delayed. This lack of support is having a devastating impact on children’s wellbeing. In a recent survey of 635 families with disabled children, over two thirds of parents said, due to delays in health appointments, their child is more anxious. Over one third said their child has depression.

“My child has regressed irretrievably. I despair he will ever be able to catch up.”

“My son has become mentally unwell. He struggles to engage in anything.”

- Quotes by parents of disabled children, interviewed for The Longest Lockdown report.

Roadmap to a fair Covid recovery

The message from parents is loud and clear: disabled children and their families have been through enough. We’ve put the plan to MPs and met with NHS England and Cabinet Office, demanding that they implement:

  • Catch up therapy sessions need to be available for children who have fallen behind over the past year.
  • Better financial support needs to be better targeted to the families who are struggling to make ends meet and have fallen behind over the past year.
  • Respite for exhausted families urgently needs to be provided to ease their exhaustion and improve their wellbeing.

Destination: fairer future for disabled children

By demanding our roadmap is put into action, we can create a fairer future for disabled children. The louder our voice, the more likely it will be heard. That’s why your support is so important. You enable Scope to be part of coalitions like the Disabled Children’s Partnerships, calling for change in a stronger, unified voice. Thank you.

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